A selection of my academic publications. You can find a full list with pdfs on my ResearchGate page.

Blong JC, Adams ME, Sanchez G, Jenkins DL, Bull ID, Shillito L-M. 2020. Younger Dryas and Early Holocene Subsistence in the Northern Great Basin: Multiproxy Analysis of Coprolites from the Paisley Caves, Oregon, USA. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

Shillito L-M, Whelton H, Blong JC, Jenkins DL, Connolly TJ, Bull ID. 2020. Pre-Clovis occupation of the Americas identified by human faecal biomarkers in coprolites from Paisley Caves, Oregon. Science Advances 6(29), eaba6404

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Shillito, L-M. (2019) Building Stonehenge? An alternative interpretation of lipid residues in Grooved Ware from Durrington Walls Antiquity 93 (370): 1052-1060

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Shillito, L-M. (2017) Multivocality and multiproxy approaches to the use of space: lessons from 25 years of research at Çatalhöyük. World Archaeology, 49:2, 237-259

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Shillito L-M. 2013. Grains of truth or transparent blindfolds? Debates in archaeological phytolith analysis. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 2013, 22(1), 71-82.

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Shillito L-M. 2011. Taphonomic observations of archaeological wheat phytoliths from Neolithic Çatalhöyük , Turkey, and the use of conjoined phytolith size as an indicator of water availability. Archaeometry. 53, 631 – 641.

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