Below is a selection of press coverage on various research I have been involved in, and interviews, podcasts etc

May 2022:

Mercury News via CNN – Petrified poop reveals what Stonehenge builders ate

November 2021:

Whizz Pop Bang! Magazine – Interview with a science hero

July 2021:

Investigations on prehistoric air pollution

December 2020:

BBC World Service Radio. Are humans naturally clean and tidy?

July 2020:

Paisley Caves Research makes the news. Here is a selection of coverage including an interview with myself and colleague Dr Ian Bull for the New York Times.

New York Times:

Smithsonian Magazine:


October 2019:

Feeding Stonehenge or building Stonehenge?

Current Archaeology Magazine:

Smithsonian Magazine:


May 2019:

Work on coprolites from Çatalhöyük – early evidence for parasite infection


Scientific American:

December 2015:

Research on food residues in pottery from Durrington Walls – the village of the Stonehenge builders



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