My research focus is the interaction between people and landscapes in the past, how this changes over time, and how the long term perspectives of archaeology and palaeoecology can inform responses to present and future environmental change. I am particularly interested in the relationship between the environment and health, and developing ‘non skeletal’ approaches to understanding health of individuals and populations in the past.

I am also interested in better understanding site formation processes and taphonomy, and how these impact the interpretation of archaeological data. A lot of my research has focused on the integration of multiproxy geoarchaeological methods and how we can link data at different scales. I am lucky to have worked on a wide range of sites around the world, including Çatalhöyük, Stonehenge, and most recently, Paisley Caves in Oregon. My research has been funded by NERC, AHRC and Wellcome Trust.

Below is a selection of current and ongoing projects I am involved in. Details of other collaborative projects and previous research can be found here. I am always keen to discuss potential collaborations or supervision of PhD and postdoctoral fellowships. Please get in touch if you have an idea you would like to discuss.

Current and ongoing projects
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