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I write a blog about my research and related topics called Castles and Coprolites, which you can read here. I enjoy writing for different audiences and have written several articles for popular archaeology and science magazines and blogs. You can find links to these below.


Figuring out a ship’s tale Dig Into History March 2016

What do maritime archaeologists do? Dig Into History March 2016

Meet the cog. Dig Into History March 2016

Geoscientists at work. Dig Into History March 2016

Art I Fact – the Maryport gemstone. Dig Into History March 2016

Crusader Castles Current World Archaeology 57. January 28th 2013.

Turkey: Neolithic life at Çatalhöyük Current World Archaeology 47. May 7th 2011


Organizing an archaeology conference. Day of Archaeology 2017

Pokemon, Philosophy and Coffee. Day of Archaeology 2016

Trowelblazers – Zonia Baber

Trowelblazers – Shahina Farid

Trowelblazers – Florence Bascom

Trowelblazers – Katharine Woolley

Trowelblazers – Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe

Using archaeology to promote the study of STEM subjects. Day of Archaeology 2015

6 Amazing Archaeological Sites That Lara Croft hasn’t visited yet (but really should). Tomb Raider Horizons 2014.

Multi-tasking archaeology! Teaching, fieldwork and medieval poop. Day of Archaeology 2014.

Paisley Caves: a view from the microscope. Day of Archaeology 2013

Feeding Stonehenge: a view from the laboratory. Day of Archaeology 2012

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